Scoring and Results

Examinee scores are based on the total number of points (0-100) earned in each section of an assessment.

The General Language Proficiency Assessments is comprised of 2 sections, Written and Oral. The Language Proficiency Assessments for Medical Professionals is comprised of 3 sections, Written, Oral, and Medical Terminology and Anatomy. The written sections assess writing skills, grammar, spelling, general vocabulary, and reading comprehension. The oral sections assess proficiency in fluency, ability to speak in unfamiliar situations, pronunciation, the ability to stay on the subject matter, general vocabulary, and listening comprehension. In addition to the written and oral sections, The Language Proficiency Assessment for Medical Professionals assesses proficiency in medical terminology and anatomy.

Once scoring is completed, scored assessment results are emailed directly to the contact person at the sponsoring company and a signed copy of the report is mailed the same day. GSI considers all scores confidential and will ONLY release them to the sponsoring institution. Examinees may obtain their scores from their sponsor. GSI will not release scores to candidates unless a candidate personally paid for their assessment.