Language Assessments

The assimilation of cultures and languages in America has always presented commmunication challenges. Those challenges can quickly lead to critical communication issues in the workplace. Think of safety issues at a factory, customer service issues over the telephone, or interpreting medical issues between a patient and a doctor. How can an employer know if a job candidate has the language skills necessary to function effectively in a specific role? To answer this question, GSI has developed general and industry specific language assessments. Each assessment is followed by a detailed report depicting an individual’s language strengths and areas for improvement.


Each candidate is evaluated in five key areas:

• Reading Comprehension
Listening Comprehension
• Writing Composition
• Grammar
• Fluency

GSI provides assessments for the following industries:
• Healthcare
• Banking
• Airline
• Insurance
• Engineering
• Communications
• Government
• Housing
• Hospitality
• Manufacturing