Welcome to GSI

GSI was founded in 1991, to meet the growing needs of communicating with the U.S. Hispanic population. We have combined our experiences in the business, medical, training, language, and e-commerce industries to provide you with the language services you need to attract and retain non-English speaking customers, provide quality customer service, reduce liability issues, build rapport, minimize waste, increase production, hire bilingual employees, and much more.

 What We Do

Meeting your language needs

Since its beginning, GSI has been evolving and refining its services to meet the growing communication needs in the U.S.
Today, GSI offers three distinct language services to meet your needs.

Document Translations
GSI is focused on providing the highest quality translation services in the country. We specialize in English/Spanish translations but welcome other language requests as well.

Language Assessments
We work with our clients to qualify individuals for key bilingual positions through proprietary, industry specific language assessments. We are especially pleased to offer the GSI Language Proficiency Assessment for Medical Interpreters.

Language Training
We offer corporate as well as private language classes including ESL, Spanish, and Spanish for Spanish Speakers.
Other languages are also available, as well as industry specific language training.


Some of Our Clients

Successfully serving our customers since 1991

GSI serves customers from a wide variety of industries. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with the highest quality language services. Our customers benefit by being better prepared to meet the needs of their customers and employees.


Contact Us

GSI has earned an outstanding reputation as a language services company because of its flexibility, high standards, and unique offerings. Please contact us directly to learn more.

Garcia-Shilling International
400 S. Zang Boulevard, Suite 1218
Dallas, TX 75208

Telephone: 214.942.4425